About Bigwood Fitness

Our Path

The history of Bigwood Fitness tells the timeless story of BECOMING. It’s the story that is raw and real, it illuminates the struggle that we all face as we try each day to be a little better than yesterday. It is the story that inspires and motivates us to proactively engage with ourselves and the world around us. Bigwood Fitness is on the path to becoming better today so that you can be better prepared for tomorrow!

Our Method

The fitness world is one that is constantly evolving. Resources that lead to better understanding and more effective fitness practices are literally at our fingertips due to the brilliant research being done in the fields of body work, movement and physical development. We are more capable today of enhanced methods of self-care than we ever have been in the history of our world. The Bigwood approach to fitness is one that makes physical education a priority. We stand alongside the experts, investing our time, energy and resources into research and development. The results of our tireless efforts we lovingly pass onto our members!

Our Mission

FACT: Every human being wants to feel good, to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, to be full of imagination, vision and energy. It is our nature to seek after these things; to become FIT! Because of this built-in desire that we all have in common, we have made it our mission at Bigwood Fitness to provide all who enter our facility with the necessary tools to satisfy this search and to overcome the obstacles ahead of us on the path to becoming FIT!

Our Location

Our Team

Josh Penrod

Josh Penrod is a longtime friend and fitness colleague of former owners Donnie Green and Rob Driemeyer. He is a functional anatomist, movement specialist and all around wellness enthusiast. He has acquired professional training, mentoring and certification over the last decade through NASM, CrossFit, Anatomy Trains, Functional Patterns and Advanced Trainings Myofascial Techniques. Josh’s diverse educational and experiential background in body work, his continuing search for greater understanding, as well as his love for human achievement and development, provides him with the ability to meet his members where they are on their wellness journey and then to guide them with confidence on the challenging path of goal achievement. To say that fitness is Josh’s passion understates his investment into the field. He is a skilled training developer and has built fitness curriculum for gyms, sports teams, community recreational groups, individuals and more. 

Stop in and meet him and check out the exciting new developments he’s bringing to the gym!

BWF-Staff--Freddy Monjaras

Bootcamp Instructor
Freddy Monjaras

Yoga Instructor
Kelsey Johndrow

Bootcamp Instructor
Floyd Padilla

My name is Floyd Padilla and I was born and raised in Twin Falls, Idaho. Growing up, I enjoyed being active in sports like football, wrestling, running, boxing, and weight training.  Later on, I joined the Navy after High school and was stationed on the USS Nimitz in Washington state.  I then attended Green River College in Seattle, where I received my degree in Criminal Justice and Photography.  Currently, I enjoy working on my photography business and working with autistic students.  I also teach students photography and videography in an after school club, where we work on our school yearbook, website, and put a news announcement together that we air every Friday.  In my free time, I enjoy helping others, love to ski, longboard, bike, kayak, hike, and most of all spend time with my lovely wife.

BWF-Staff--Amber larna

Bootcamp Instructor
Amber Larna

Amber Larna was born in the Wood River Valley and moved to Twin Falls at 7 where she was raised. She started really getting into fitness about ten years ago and from there her interests grew. She is a personal trainer and group fitness certified through American Council on Exercise (ACE). She is also Kettle Bell 1 certified and TRX certified. When she is not busy working for the Drug Coalition or in the gym training and coaching Amber absolutely loves running the trails, hiking, mountain biking, and just being outside in this great valley!  She loves being a Big Mama to her boys and daisies on a sun shiny day with her husband of 15 years! 

Spin Instructor
Deb Fox