Getting started at Bigwood Fitness

At Bigwood Fitness we will help you attain your fitness goal whether its reducing your waist size, strength conditioning for your favorite sport, or preparing for your first marathon, we are the perfect spot to start your fitness journey.

Step One
Set a Goal

Why do you want to make changes and what do these goals consist of?

Losing weight, Preparing for a Marathon, Looking good for that upcoming wedding, or just general fitness and Nutrition?    An example could be: “I want to lose 15lbs because I’m going to Costa Rica and hitting the beach!”

On any Goal, prepare to give yourself a bare minimum of 3 months of fitness.  This gives your body the best advantage for training, rest, and overall acclimation to the fitness process.  Please don’t go swimming with your phone!


Step Two

You can lift, Run, and Spin yourself until your blue in the face, but if your Diet is not on board,  your going shopping without money… That means your getting no where!

Make sure to get a Great, and we mean GREAT, Diet plan established for your investment of time and energy in the Gym.  Remember, diet is 75% of the battle!

Step Three
Membership Plan

No matter what plan you choose we highly advise two things. Number One, Overall fitness is built through consistency and time, and Number Two, the longer you buy in the more you will be rewarded for your commitment with cheaper rates.

Everyone has different goals which each consist of different membership types. We have many plans that will suit any objective!

Step Four
Workout Plan

Every good defense consists of a great offense!  What we mean by that is you need to have your offense of  training developed with balance to your goals… fending off fatigue, muscle imbalances, injuries or overall failure to continue.

Your plan needs to be specific to you and you need to train to reflect that.  Don’t go in ill prepared, be scheduled, be specific, and execute with laser focus!

Step Five
Get Living!

Now that every thing else is taken care of the only obstacle is YOU!  Its time to start a new life! Its time to begin your journey.  Instead of driving by saying “Monday I will get in and start…”

Get your A$$ in there!  24 hours, NO EXCUSES!


Add-On Programs

 (Coming Soon!)

Here we are, You’ve gone to the gym with great expectations…

…you had it all figured out. Then you realize your training feels off, redundant, unfocused.  Are you making the strides you anticipated?  When your in a rut, need some guidance, or you just feel lost……Its time you try the “Essentials Program”!

  • Step One – Let us help you set a goal

    Get with one of our trainers to help diagnose a Goal that is obtainable and suits your needs.  Let us help you put perspective into reality.  Discussing your objective will help us give you the guidelines to arrange your steps to success!

  • Step Two – Nutrition Time

    Our trainers will help you learn how to develop your nutrition that best suits your attrition.   All We need is to figure out your body map to help us understand where your deficiencies lie.  Body Mapping will consist of tests within planar movement, mobility, strength, endurance, and cardio respiratory endurance.  We will also determine body diagnostics like Lean muscle mass, Fat mass, measurements, and Exercise Metabolic Rate.  Body Mapping puts forth the building blocks to determine your Nutrition level and exercise intensity. Under your Nutrition level we will provide you with meal plan examples and ideas.  Its up to you to get it on the plate in front of you!

  • Step Three – Membership plan

    Your a member to the gym and you go and work out, but do you really work out?  Are you maximizing your potential?  When its time to perfect your technique, instill a little motivation, or push yourself to new limits you can upgrade from the “The Essentials Program” to the “Masters Program” by involving a trainer with your regime.  (Special rates and discounts apply if in the “Essentials Program”)  We have different plans to suit all needs!

  • Step Four – Workout Plan

    Based off of your Body Mapping and Nutrition Level we can put science to the test with a plan to achieve your fitness goals.  YOUR workout will be designed around YOUR Goals.  Every month, up to 3 months, we will retest your Body Mapping to calibrate your workout plan and exercise level.  Test, Re-test. It’s all about keeping honest people honest.

  • Step Five – Get busy living or get busy dying

    Really, Truly, it is up to you. “The Essentials” is at your disposal. Time to dig deep and see what your moral fortitude consists of.  Are you a “say’er” or are you a “DO’ER”?  24 hours, NO EXCUSES!

  • Coming Soon!


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